Want a fun, original way to raise money? MyStickCarFamily have the answer!

In three easy steps you can have your stickers at your door.

Why wouldn’t you want to show your families pride while putting money into your organisations pocket.

Step1: Complete the Fundraising Sign-up Form online, or print and post.

Our postal address is: PO Box 635. Forestville NSW 2087 Australia.

Step 2: Receive your Fundraising Package from us.

Includes order forms and sticker design sheets.
Once your Fundraiser has finished, return the completed order forms to us via post or email (scanned documents) to

Step 3: Receive your stickers and commission!!

Each organisation that signs up to our fundraiser will receive a code that enables participants to order through our website. For the order to be included in your fundraiser this unique code must be entered during the check out process. All stickers ordered this way will be sent to the organiser once the fundraiser is finished.

Please contact us at with any questions.

MyStickCarFamily would recommend any fundraiser have a 14-21 day timeframe. Once we have received all the completed order forms, your order will be dispatched in 7 to 21 days.


The benefits of choosing MyStickCarFamily stickers as your next fundraising event include:

• Fantastic commission rate of 25% for all stickers sold.

• Commission is ongoing. This means that even after your fundraiser has ended, as long as your unique fundraiser code is entered at the checkout on our website, you will still receive the fantastic 25% commission rate on every purchase. (Payments on commission will be paid quarterly)

• MyStickCarFamily offer a major incentive, in that if the total order within your initial fundraiser timeframe (maximum of six weeks) is above 1000 stickers, you will receive an additional 10%. That means a commission rate of 35%!

• For bulk orders, MyStickCarFamily will pay for the postage of your stickers. Please note, for individual orders made online, the customer is responsible for their own postage, if applicable.

• We also provide the convenience of individual orders arriving to you in separate envelopes so it is easy for you to distribute the stickers once you receive them.